Bangkok Gay Nightlife – Where to Go and Where to Stay

Bangkok’s gay nightlife has drawn in guests from all edges of the world looking for bars and clubs with the right group and climate. What’s more, where might you at any point track down these bars and clubs? What other place yet in Bangkok’s seedy area of town called Patpong.

Patpong is generally notable for go bars and sex clubs for straight men. Yet, what the vast majority don’t know is that there are numerous little and huge gay foundations also for gay guests. There are 3 fundamental regions inside Patpong where gays can track down all male go bars, eateries and, surprisingly, upscale bars and clubs. These regions are inside simple strolling distance to one another.

The primary spot to find gay go bars and scenes is in Duangthawee Square situated on Surawongse street simply off Patpong 2. It’s frequently called Soi Dusk on the grounds that a considerable lot of the foundations here can close later than the authority 1am – 2am shutting time forced by the public authority. Here you’ll track down the most gay go bars and a couple of vital cafés to relax around and have a feast and drink in like Dick’s Bistro.

The second strip for gay nightlife is found on Silom Soi 4. There are off limits go bars here so Silom 4 has a significantly more easygoing and loosened up environment. There are numerous well known eateries and bars fixing the road with open porches for people watching and the seats are filled particularly on ends of the week. Furthermore, very frequently a gathering of gay café and bar proprietors will get together and placed on design and diversion shows with unrecorded music and artists. One of the most famous bars on Silom Soi 4 is the bar style Phone, where there are phones on tables which you can use to require a talk with individual clients.

The last region is the littlest and it is on Silom Soi 2, only a couple of moments stroll from Silom Soi 4. This region has the least bars and clubs, but it has 2 of the best clubs well known with the youthful gay group called DJ Station and Freeman with its popular drag show beginning consistently at 12 PM. Make a point to get a seat close to the overhang for the best perspective on the show beneath which happens on a huge focal dance floor.

At last there are numerous lodgings in Bangkok however it’s ideal to remain around Patpong since that is where you can track down the most gay amicable inns. There are a couple inside strolling distance to Patpong’s gay nightlife scenes like the Montien Inn and Bally’s Suites Silom.

Bangkok is the ideal spot for gay voyagers to investigate a fascinating city in Southeast Asia. Thailand itself has a huge gay populace and individuals acknowledge explorers as who they are paying little heed to sexual direction.

Visit Bangkok Gay Amicable nightlife guide for additional names of lodgings that don’t charge joiner expenses as well as other valuable data on gay travel and diversion in Bangkok.